Our eco-friendly focus will help you save money while lowering your impact on the environment.

At Fine Line Homes, our mission is to be one of the most energy-efficient home builders in the country, using the latest in technology and innovation to provide you with an affordable, custom-built dream home that goes beyond your highest expectations.

Our Key Goals

  • lead the industry in using cutting-edge building techniques and materials
  • lower or eliminate dependency on traditional energy sources
  • reduce the impact on the environment through the use of renewable materials and conservation strategies
  • build a lasting relationship with each and every customer

Focus on Relationship

Fine Line Homes offers unparalleled attention to your needs, as well as the highest quality and craftsmanship. When you build your custom home with us, we want to engage you in every part of the process. We want to hear your ideas, your thoughts and your concerns, so that – together – we can come up with the perfect plan for your perfect home.

“Everything you can imagine comes standard in a Fine Line home, but your dreams won’t break the bank. We’ll find a way to give you what you want – or something even better — at an affordable price. We aren’t content with just your satisfaction; we want to work with you every step of the way to build a lifelong relationship based on trust and communication.”

Our Inside Strategy

Fine Line homes are beautiful, yes, but we care just as much about what you can’t see: the systems and materials inside the walls. We want to keep your family both comfortable and safe, so we use the most environmentally friendly, non-toxic building materials we can find.

Our highly efficient products and processes can lower or completely eliminate your dependence on traditional sources of energy. You’ll have more peace of mind, as well as more money in your wallet.

You’ll rest easy at night in your new home, knowing that it is as healthy as it is beautiful.

The Bottom Line

First, do no harm. We know the environment is important to you, and it’s important to us, too. At Fine Line Homes, we believe you can have your dream home, custom-built to your specifications, and drastically reduce your impact on the environment at the same time.

You’re entitled to the best we can offer, and we always offer our best.