At Fine Line Homes, we care about your dream – a custom-designed home built from the ground up with you and your needs in mind.

We pay attention to every detail and ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and quality is achieved. We also strive to go above and beyond when it comes to energy efficiency. To ensure quality and optimized performance, each and every house built by Fine Line Homes receives an EnerGuide rating. The EnerGuide program was created and instituted by the Government of Canada to provide consumers with helpful energy consumption information and ensure builders are conforming to guidelines for efficiency. We use a range of cutting-edge construction technologies to achieve superior EnerGuide ratings. We employ energy modeling, door blower tests and additional inspections to insure we are achieving the highest standards.


We Build Smart Homes

A Fine Line home takes advantage of the latest innovations and technological advances for the modern family. But we don’t want you to think we’re all brains and no beauty. Our creative designs and luxurious finishes definitely deliver the “cool” factor, providing both superior comfort and superior style.

The beauty is more than skin deep, though. Our eco-friendly building materials and systems offer a healthy living environment with unmatched indoor air quality, protecting you, your family and your guests from the potential health problems associated with indoor air pollution typically found in new homes.

At Fine Line Homes, we think outside the barriers of conventional building to bring you a quality product built by quality people.

We Build Efficient Homes

With a Fine Line home, you can see green in more ways than one. Not only will you be benefiting the environment, but you’ll also benefit your bank account. Rising energy costs are taking their toll, but you won’t feel the pinch like a homeowner in a conventionally built house.

We can show you how to lower your reliance on typical energy sources. Our highly efficient structures can lower your energy needs by half, from energy-smart home design to Energy Star appliances to LED and fluorescent lighting. Our high-efficient heating and cooling systems will keep you comfortable without draining your wallet.

Want to never pay a utility bill again? Our homes can be easily outfitted to use solar energy to generate their own electricity and heating. You can even get paid for the extra energy you generate. We can show you how government programs are making this an option worth considering.

We Build Affordable Homes

Fine Line Homes is one of the most cost-effective builders in the industry. Often, we can build with you for what it might cost to build yourself, but we take on both the responsibility and the headaches that can come when undertaking a project this large.

Let us walk you through our cost-saving solutions that allow you to build a quality dream home that’s within your budget. We can help you get the financing you need by referring you to lending institutions we work with and recommend without reservation.

We Build Trust

You care about the details, and we do too. Our process is simple and fully transparent which allows us to build real relationships and trust with each customer. We want to help you get the most house for the least money. Your dreams are our dreams – and we will work with you to make them happen.